August 2015

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04 Nov August 2015

Thinking of getting back in the pool? You’re braver than us but all it takes is one unseasonably hot day to get you thinking about it. Our advice is to proceed with caution! That swimming pool of yours has been sitting vacant for several months and you just don’t know what could be growing in there!

Before making that expensive trip to the pool shop give Matro Pool and Spa a call. We like to think, and we’ve been reliably informed, that we’re the experts in swimming pool care and maintenance in Perth and Joondalup.

At Matro we keep a wide range of pool parts, cleaners and chemicals for every Perth swimming pool. We believe in helping all pool owners in and around the Perth and Joondalup community and do everything we can to make sure our clients have the very best experience in keeping their pool sparkling clean.

Whether you’re looking for a general maintenance, regular pool clean or the very best in pool cleaning equipment, you can rely on Matro Pool and Spa to get your swimming pool in tip top shape.

Call us today on 0413 258 025.

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