January 2015

pool cover

04 Nov January 2015

Pool Covers

How do you reduce heat loss on your pool? The best way is to reduce the effect of wind and reduce the effect of the temperature difference by using a cover. A cover will minimise the effect of the wind but more importantly stop the evaporation by up to 99%. The cover will also act as an insulator, reducing heat loss through the fabric and therefore keeping the pool warmer, but most importantly saving water.


There are some different types of covers ranging from chemicals that coat the water surface, to floating rings to proper fabric covers. The chemicals and rings are not as effective as a good quality cover that is fully waterproof and covers the whole surface of the pool in one piece.  The chemical style evaporates and needs to be continually added to be of any benefit.  By using a one piece fabric cover, it will help keep the leaves and dirt out of the pool as well as stop heat loss.


There are lots of different cover styles available. At Matro we have tried and tested a range of different covers and guarantee that we only supply the most appropriate, high quality cover for your pool.


Give Matro a call today to discuss how we can help.

Summer – Finally!

Duck in a pool

Here we go Perth. Welcome to Summer!


Pool parties, Christmas parties, New Year parties, parties to celebrate having a party etc etc. Perth has the perfect climate and the greatest lifestyle for get togethers. Thats great…….but who’s taking care of the pool cleaning and maintenance? It’s easy to let it slip. Throw a bit of chlorine in and ‘she’ll be right’ 😉


Matro take care of every aspect of maintenance. Don’t go out and buy new equipment and lots of chemicals that your pool most likely doesn’t need. Call Matro and you’ll never have to think about it again!


Top tip – in the Perth heat your water levels will decrease rapidly. This can drastically effect the performance of your pool. The level at which the skimmers operate best is between one third and one half the way up the opening of the skimmer.


If the water is too low the skimmer can bottom out,  sucking air into the system which can result in losing the prime and possibly result in burning up your filter pump motor.


Add water before backwashing and vacuuming because this will also lower the water level.


If you have any problems or just need a simple cleaning, give Matro a call. We won’t be beaten on price or quality!

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